I Went on A Shopping Spree Last Week

I went on a shopping spree last week and it felt awesome.

First, my black pumps died. I had been wearing them despite the fact the soles were worn down completely, and my feet were killing me every day. I finally went out and bought me some new pumps that I could wear at work. I bought a black and a tan pair.

Cost: $130 Gianni Bini Michelle Mid-Heel Pumps

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 7.40.19 PMScreen Shot 2013-02-03 at 7.40.06 PM

Dillard’s had an additional 30% off already reduced clearance items on Thursday, and I went all out. I bought four pairs of earrings, a bracelet, and two blazers for work.

Cost: $80


I bought some towels. We really needed new towels. The towels we have are super old. I have some pink Wal-mart towels given to me for my high school graduation, and my husband inherited some towels from when he was a kid. But towels are expensive, so I kept waiting for them to go on sale. I scored some Lenox towels at 66% off. Seriously, these towels were $30, and I got them for $10.50. I bought three.

Cost: $32 + tax


My parents, my brother, and I are going to a family wedding this coming weekend. It’s actually my third cousin getting married. She invited us, so I had to buy a present. I bought her a Lenox towel set (two big ones and a medium size one) and a blue knitted throw. See picture above.

Cost: $41

The present would have originally been purchased for more than $100, but I got on a sale, so score. Plus, It feels odd to have to buy a present for someone I barely know. I apparently use to play with this cousin when I was three years old, I have only seen her once when I was 20, and we are only facebook friends, but since we are going to her wedding it’s expected to buy a present. Sometimes I think my mom and dad’s family are very one sided. We are always expected to buy gifts for our family, but we rarely receive any gifts from them. I never received any wedding or graduation presents from my family (other than my grandparents), yet it’s always expected from me to send presents. Story for another day! But definitely food for thought. At least this time we are going to the party, usually we don’t, and still send a present.

I should feel bad for spending almost $300 in one week and non-necessary stuff, but I really don’t. I needed new shoes, jewelry is always fun, and I bought blazers for $20 and $25 each. That’s a steal! The towels are amazing! Seriously πŸ™‚ So glad I bought them. I actually only bought two the first day, and went back the second day to score some more, but there was only one left. Next time I’m taking the lot!

I know the personal finance world always focuses on being thrifty and frugal, but sometimes it’s good to have some fun and relax!

I, also, made an appointment for the end of the month at the Dior counter in Dillard’s. I’m determined to learn how to put on mascara and eyeliner correctly!

Any recent purchases? πŸ™‚ Come on, make me feel a little less guilty!

34 responses to “I Went on A Shopping Spree Last Week

  1. I need to go to a makeup counter and do that also! I need to figure out some way to look more my age. Haha I’m sick of people thinking I’m still in high school!

  2. We could use some new towels as well but will wait for a good sale as we want the bath towels and they cost a bleedin fortune $40 plus each. Looks like you had some much needed fun shopping! πŸ™‚

  3. i know you already bought towels, but for anyone else, the luxury line at Target is AWESOME! I like super thick towels and those have been the best. I even went to Macy’s to look for high end towels and they all felt really thin compared to the thick target ones. but i am talking about their luxury line, i think it starts with a C but I could be wrong and I’m too lazy to google. oh and i have now committed to buying really good work shoes, since i’m in them a lot! i used to skimp on black flats since they’re just black flats…but for christmas i asked for tieks, best thing ever!

  4. You save $2500 a month routinely. Don’t feel bad about spending $300. You work hard for your money, enjoy it πŸ™‚

  5. I finally have some extra money this month and I have big plans to go buy clothes this week. I recently came into a few hand-me-down clothes through a friend, which was great, but I cannot wait to go out and have entire stores at my fingertips for browsing! We deserve it!

  6. Hi Savvy-

    To get cheap and nice towels visit Groupon. Usually, their towels are from Martha Stewart collection. We are talking 5 big towels and 5 small showering ones for less that 20 bucks! Also, I was wondering how is it finding work in Texas. I live in manhattan, new york! Is it easy. I have my BA in English. And what is the starting pay?

      • Well, right now I work at a hiring manger at Mount Sinai hospital. Maybe you have heard; to be honest- I am looking for anything with a great income. I make a decent living 40k yearly, but paying 3k a month for rent is JUST CRAZY! So my husband and I want to move. We can’t afford kids (been married for 4 years) b/c of the rent and the price of living in New York City. -HELP!

      • Tam, I’m not an expert in the job market, but I do know that we have a lot of hospitals in Dallas, and healthcare is one of those fields were they are hiring people. I’m pretty sure you could get $40,000. Maybe not $400,000.
        Cost of living is cheaper, and the heat is nice. The summers are always super hot, but people still go out and do things.

      • I have one more question, but it will seem rude to ask…

        On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 9:00 PM, Savvy Financial Latina wrote:

        > ** > SavvyFinancialLatina commented: “Good luck Tam! Likewise! Stop by if > you have any more questions :)” >

      • Hi-

        My husband and I finally decided to move to Texas. As I am now job searching can you please give me the name of your company so I can apply in an HR position? And would be consider passing my resume along?

        Thank you

      • Hi Tamara, Unfortunately due to my anonymous status, I cannot provide any information regarding my company. I only refer people I know personally.
        Best of luck in the search though!

      • Thank you for your best wishes!

        I understand why you wouldn’t recommend me, however with your anonymous status (and not knowing your name) it wouldn’t do any harm of me knowing the name of the company and applying for an HR position. I am not being pushy but asking for guidance.

        Thanks a lot Savvy

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