What Do You Do For Fun?

My life has changed so much in the past couple of years. My family keeps posting pictures of when I was young, and it just brings memories of who I use to be. I think that between the age of of 12 and 22, you change drastically. You go from being a kid to an irrational, moody teenager to a sophisticated early 20 year old. Well, hopefully you are more sophisticated!

My ideas of fun have also changed.

From ages 12-14, I loved sitting in my room and reading books. I would go to the library once a week and grab a tower of books to read. Among my favorite authors was Nicholas Sparks. Cry much?


My social skills were still pretty under developed. I could barely talk to boys, and I didn’t have a lot of friends.

From ages 14-17, I would run around between band, cross country, UIL, and clubs’ practice. I loved being outside of my house. Hated being with my parents, so I became super involved in extra curricular activities!!!

At 17, I wanted to hang out with my friends, and I probably did more outside of school activities, but all the college and scholarship applications, on top of part time work and AP/IB final projects and exams got in the way.

From 18-22, college and graduate school brought new memories! IHOP midnight runs, late night studying at the library, risk battles during the summer, pool picnics. It was an awesome time, and I already miss it!

Now, post-school, my days of fun consist of hanging out on the couch, web surfing. I know it sounds boring, but it’s so low key and relaxing. Just the thing I need after a hectic work week. It’s not boring! It’s awesome!!!

So what do you do for fun?


8 responses to “What Do You Do For Fun?

  1. Well most of my fun involved beach volleyball, which you can imagine is very hard not being able to do that right now. I don’t go out much at night to socialize, so that’s what I did on weekend days. I’m starting to go a big crazy. I also like go to movies and watching movies, but that’s something that hasn’t changed at all over my entire life,

    • I’m not a huge movie theatre person. I love pausing movies and asking questions which is not something I can do at the movie theatre! Plus I love subtitles.
      My friends are pretty low key, so we usually hang around at someone’s place, watch movies, joke around, and play board games.
      I can imagine how you are going stir crazy. Working from home all the time is difficult!

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