Random Thoughts on a Monday

Today is a really slow Monday at work. My boss is out of office celebrating his wife’s birthday, and two of our manager’s took Monday off. Since we have a really small team to begin with (7 people), it left us with only 4 people in the office. I have spent most of my time reading financial news, catching the inauguration live news feed on Wall Street Journal, and pondering what I’m going to do next. It’s not a very thrilling, interesting day.

Friday morning, one of our contractors went missing. He had been with the company for the last two years, is the younger brother of one of the managers, and was starting his first semester of medical school this week. He was reported missing by his family, and there are no signs of life from him. I really hope he is okay wherever he is, and this is just him disappearing because he doesn’t want to start medical school. Because if he’s really missing it would really suck. He is engaged, about to start an exciting new phase in his life, and has so much left to live.

I started my last MBA class last week. It’s Economics. I need to buy the book online and start hustling. The less I do now, the more behind I will be in a couple weeks when I have to take the first test.

Last week I worked out 5 times! Hooray for me! And I managed to eat healthier food about 50% of the time, which is an improvement. I ended up eating too much fried food on Friday (donut and french fries) and felt terribly sick. Not doing that again.

I spent most of the weekend watching TV. I really need to pick up a book to read but this whole TV thing is addicting. I am now watching Downton Abbey. It’s so addicting!!! I love Sybil!!!

I played Monopoly with my friends and won! 🙂

I’ve been having trouble writing the past two weeks. I have started so many posts, but finished very few, and published even less. Anyone else having trouble with ideas?

Here’s an update on my fitness tracker:

Week 1: 120 pounds, 6 workouts (1 hour each)

Week 2: 120 pounds, 5 workouts (1 hour each)

How’s your week been?

2 responses to “Random Thoughts on a Monday

  1. I love downton abbley too. I’m taping season 3 right now but still need to watch season 2 on hulu. That’s so weird about the contractor. Hope he is OK. Congrats on all the workouts. Life doesn’t go according to plan so being sick I’ve had to cut back and modify mine, but I always try to at least get in a walk. All about inertia. Good luck with your new class!

    • Thanks TL! They found the guy at a nearby hospital. I still have no idea what happened,,,nobody knows.
      Trying to start the new year fit. I have been slacking the last six months!
      Can you believe William died in Season 2???

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