Fitness Recap Week 1

On my way to 10…

This year I decided to lose 10 pounds. The past couple of years I have noticed slight gains in weight, and a slight increase in my waist and hip size. Ever since I started college, I stopped eating healthy, and I started eating more and more unhealthy. Unfortunately, the older I get the easier it’s getting to gain weight, and the harder it’s getting to lose weight. I’m softer, less muscular, and less lean. I’m sure many of you relate with me. So I have made it my whole to start eating healthier and to lose my chubba chubba. I even bought my summer swimsuit already (and it was little too tight)!

I even motivated my team at work to start a fitness challenge. We are going to have a board on our bay to keep track of our weekly goals. If we each accomplish our weekly goal we get a star! I’m thinking of suggesting of putting money down, and if you don’t keep up, you lose your money and it gets split among the members who accomplished their goals. Maybe like $5-$10 a person?

I’m also going to be posting my weekly progress on my blog. I think this will keep me accountable, and I hope I can motivate some of my readers to get fit and healthy!

So here’s my progress so far:

Week 1: 120 lbs., 6 workouts (1 hour each).

Are your ready to get fit and healthy???

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 5.43.28 PM

14 responses to “Fitness Recap Week 1

  1. Good luck! I’ve found the same as I age with my body and I am trying to get rid of it this year. At least 10 lbs of it, though I probably could lean up a bit too.

  2. Wait till you’re 40…if I even LOOK at a cookie! lol! You can still do it, but it takes more effort both on eating and exercising for sure. I’m happy with my weight (5’4, 124), and I’m good cardio shape, but would like to tone up the ol’ middle some more. Mine has to do more with eating. I need to focus on portion control, and not indulging so much in the good fats like avocado and olive oil. Even though my shoulder is f’d up, I’d still like to look toned in a bikini this summer. Good luck with your goals!

    • My exercise doesn’t tend to be the problem either. My eating habits are terrible….
      I know people probably think I don’t weigh much but since I’m short (5’1-5’2 depending on where I get measured), every pounds shows!!!
      And dang TL 124 pounds!!! I better have your body when I’m 40 🙂

  3. I’m 5’5″ and although that’s not considered short for a woman, I do feel like when I gain weight it shows. The stress of work combined with my terrible eating habits are both things I need to work on. Good luck with yourgoals

    • You are so tall! 5’5” 🙂
      I tell my husband it’s a different view from down here! He is ten inches taller than me.
      My stress levels increase when I don’t work out. I try to get out of the office by 5:30 pm to go workout. If I’m not healthy, I can’t do my job.

  4. I am on my 10th week of training. I’ve gained 15lbs so far which is pretty good. I have 3 more weeks of bulking and then I’m going to do 8 weeks of cutting to get rid of some excess fat. It’s interesting if you chart my eating habits from when I started to now how drastically they changed. I didn’t start working out and eating healthy at the same time. I eased into it. I’ve learned so much about nutrition though! It’s ridiculous how much crap we all eat every day! I hope you reach your goal and remember not to get discouraged if the scale doesn’t match the way you feel. Ultimately it’s about health and fitness. Just think how much higher you can jump than all the other people who don’t workout!

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