2013 Goals

It’s a new year peeps!!!! Happy 2013!

I think 2013 is going to be a great year! I hope we can accomplish a lot πŸ™‚

Our goals for 2013 are as follows:

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 2.12.26 PM

***Credit cards are paid off in full every month.

Financial Goals:

  1. Increase primary savings account to $20,000
  2. Fully fund down payment fund of $30,000 and buy a house by the of the year
  3. Increase 401K to $19,000
  4. Increase ESPP fund to $3900 through automatic payroll deductions.
  5. Pay off car loan.
  6. Make $4000 side hustle income

My Professional Goals:

  1. Finish MBA.
  2. Identify mentor in company.
  3. Join a professional organization and attend one networking event every quarter.
  4. Revisit and maintain mentor-mentee relationships with previous mentors.
  5. Continue training to be a sourcing manager. Establish goals to get there.
  6. Get good ratings on company’s IPM.

Blog Goals:

  1. Switch to self-host
  2. Redesign website
  3. Increase twitter followers to 700.
  4. Join the Yakesie challenge.
  5. Write post 3x/wk.

Life Goals:

  1. Workout 5x a week
  2. Lose 10 pounds. Maintain weight at 110 lbs. (Currently at 120-122)
  3. Read 1 book every three months.
  4. Have fun with friends and hubby
  5. Visit family

What are your goals for 2013?

17 responses to “2013 Goals

  1. Good for you mate those are some giant goals but I’m sure you will grab the bull by the horns. I’m going self hosted now as I’m getting my site re-designed. What are your side hustles? Do you ever talk about them or am I being too nosey lol…Good Luck with 2013!

  2. All great goals and specific. The wonderful thing about your goals are that they are realistic. My goal is to have a successful Women’s Financial Empowerment Conference in June 2013

  3. These are great goals. I would love to see you do quarterly updates to show how you’re coming along with them…because I am nosy πŸ™‚

  4. Just found this site – it’s great! My one question would be why you don’t plan to pay off your credit card loans entirely as well (and say, reduce contributions to your savings account to compensate), since that seems to be the standard advice from other PF blogs/professionals. Unless I’m reading the charts wrong? Anyway, good luck with your goals! Mine are pretty similar, only I need to lose about 15 lbs to get back to 115 πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck! Self-hosting is awesome, though a lot more work (need to sit down and try figure out why my theme has suddenly started doing weird things with the sidebar..)

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