Washington, DC Vacation

I finally sat down to write down how much we spent on our Washington, DC trip, and quick recap of how much fun we had. First of all, here’s how much we spent…

  • Two Round Trip Tickets from DFW to BWI = $311
  • Airbnb Accomodations for one week = $430
  • Transportation – Metro/bus for one week = $96
  • Food = $335.47
  • Tennis Shoes = $52.99
  • Souvenir = $24

Grand Total = $1248.47

I’m kinda surprised by the number. I thought we had spent a lot more money then we actually did. Every meal we bought, we dropped a minimum of $20. The entire time we were there, my mind kept adding up how much we were spending, and I was freaking out. Now that we added it up, it wasn’t that bad.

Spirit Airlines (Airline Tickets) = Again this is a super cheap airline. You get what you pay for. Small seats, packed airplane. But we don’t care because it’s only a 3 hour flight. I recommend it if you are trying to save on airline tickets 🙂

Airbnb Accommodations = We stayed in a neighborhood in DC called Columbia Heights. It was awesome. The couple we stayed it was super cool, and we had our room, den, and bathroom! Everything was super clean. The house was only a ten minute walk to the metro. There were restaurants, bars, and stores everywhere! It was a super cool neighborhood. Here is a little dub on the neighborhood.

In 1999, however, the city announced a revitalization initiative for the neighborhood focused around the Columbia Heights Metro station that opened that year. The opening of the Metro station served as a catalyst for the return of economic development and residents. Within five years, it had gentrified considerably, with a number of businesses (including a Giant Food supermarket and Tivoli Square, a commercial and entertainment complex) and middle-class residents settling in the neighborhood. However, unlike some gentrified neighborhoods in the city, it had not become homogeneous: as of 2006, Columbia Heights is arguably Washington’s most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood, composed of high-priced condominiums and townhouses as well as public and middle-income housing.On March 5, 2008, DC USA, a 546,000 square-foot (51,000 m²) retail complex across the street from the Columbia Heights Metro station opened. The space is anchored by retailers Target and Best Buy. The shopping center also includes 390,000 square feet (36,000 m²) of underground parking. A number of bars and restaurants have since opened in the neighborhood, including Pho 14, which was voted best pho in Washington City Paper’s Best of DC 2010 poll.

Transportation = We bought a weekly pass called the 7 say short pass for $35 each. It allowed us to use the metro unlimited times. We spent $12 on a bus to get us from BWI to the metro station.

Sights = We went to see the Smithsonian museums, all the memorials, and lots of food! Our favorite museum was the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. My favorite memorial was the FDR memorial. It was so beautiful. Definitely recommend you see it!

Favorite Restaurants = We ate twice at Ted’s Bulletin. They have breakfast all day, and make their own pop tarts. My favorite was their pancakes. I want some more!!! We also ate at Taqueria Districto Federal in Columbia Heights. They had awesome tortas and tacos 🙂 We also ate at Pho 14 in Columbia Heights. It was delicious. It was my first time trying pho.

If you are planning to go to DC in the near future for vacation, let me know, and I can give you some tips 🙂

Check out some of the photos in Twitter 🙂

9 responses to “Washington, DC Vacation

  1. I haven’t been to dc since I was 13, but I loved the museum of natural history as well. It seems a lot of the dc neighborhoods are going through that gentrification process. I have a friend in the Capitol Hill (I think) neighborhood and she bought a row type house for cheap and in a sketchy neighborhood and now it’s pretty hip. Glad you had fun!

  2. I used to live in Richmond, so I’ve been to DC quite a bit…but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been back. My brother lives there and is working on extending one of the metros. He loves it there and it’s easy to see why.

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