Work Attitudes

Hello Readers, I am publishing a post today instead of yesterday, Wednesday. I have been a little off with blogging schedule ever since I left for vacation. Today I want to talk about your work life.

I have always been super motivated and concentrated on work. At school, I was always the one that deferred fun activities so I could go work. I didn’t participate in our IB class senior play because I was too busy working, studying, and applying to universities. I’m not sure if I regret it or not, since honestly, I don’t how much I missed, but I was one of three who didn’t participate. The other two were my friends. It’s probably one of the reasons why I don’t have many high school friends left. In college, I started to have fun, but then realized I needed to hustle school and work in order to land the perfect job after school. Did it work? Hmm..I have a great job, however, I don’t think it’s the perfect job. Since I’m the baby in my team, I usually don’t have a super heavy workload. It doesn’t mean I’m not working all the time or working hard, but I’m still learning, and a lot of projects are just not yet in my scope. It means I have more time to participate in an igloo building contest or working on a company scavenger hunt. But is it because I have more time or because those activities seem like more fun to me?

When we went on our corporate retreat, we had a lot of people complaining how they were going to be away from work, and how behind they were going to get. They pondered ways of skipping it. Now who in the right state of mind would want to skip a day where your company is forcing you to have fun and paying you on top of it? Hmmm….about half of my department. Apparently, a majority of the department are workaholics.

When I asked people if they wanted to participate in an igloo building contest (marshmallows and toothpicks), I could only round up three people. Despite the fact I asked first if they were busy, and many replied no.

So, I ask myself if there is a correlation with age and the amount of fun you are willing to have?

I often wonder if I’m going to become like that? I sure hope not. I mean I say no to midnight parties a lot of times, but only because I am so tired by midnight. Believe me if I weren’t so tired at night, I would be out partying. But this wake up early every morning, go to sleep around 11 or 12 am, is killing me! My body hasn’t adjusted yet.

My focus has definitely shifted. I want to have more fun time, and maybe that’s why I’m so willing to have fun at work? How about you?

Have you noticed any odd attitudes at work?


10 responses to “Work Attitudes

  1. I don’t think age has anything to do with it. Ok well it does when count not going out to as many bars/clubs as I used to (although plenty of people my age in my area are doing that-almot to a fault), but not when it comes that young at heart stuff. I like fun. I would have totally built that igloo with you! It’s a bummer they felt so much stress they couldn’t take ONE DAY to let loose. Sad! Hope you had fun anyway!

    • Yeah! Pretty sad. But it’s ok. I am working with two other team members. One is 30 and the other in her fifties. We are so excited. We even brought extra decorations for our igloo. Mini people and trees, etc. 🙂 Probably the most fun I’ll have today at work lol.

  2. I find a mix of attitudes at my work but for the most part everyone is right in there with the ideas and activities. It can be tough when you have employees that don’t care to make their time at work a fun time and look at it as only $$ and get me out of here attitude. A job should be an experience we learn from and if it’s a miserable place then I say to them.. find a new job. Mr.CBB

  3. Hmm I think I can relate to some of those employees attitudes. Sometimes you just want to get the work done, and anything in the way of that, even if it’s your company paying you to have fun, is just annoying. But saying that I definitely don’t want to be one of those ppl who would rather work than have fun. Of course as I get older I do find it harder to want to go out and do fun things. I really do have to push myself to do those things and stop working sometimes.

    • Yes! But my company only does retreats every 2 years. Honestly, any other time it’s work, work, work. believe me there have been times where I have been the grumpy one, but I am trying to be better.

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