Never Run a Race Without Training For It!

I’m back from my vacation in DC! Our vacation was awesome and will be going into more detail later this week. I immediately got back on Saturday, and had to wake up Sunday morning for a corporate marathon relay. This was for the Dallas Marathon.

I woke up late. I set my alarms for Saturday instead of Sunday. So, I actually woke up at 7:20 am. The race started at 8:05 am. Good thing I had the last leg (6 miles)!

I rushed to downtown Dallas. I parked my car at a DART station (metro) and took the DART to downtown. Saved myself some parking money and parked next to a Kroger, so I grabbed some breakfast!

I went to the wrong place. So, I went to the central place for runners (the Dallas Convention Center), where they told me I needed to go to the American Airlines Center ( 2 miles away) to catch the relay buses. So I ran there, and couldn’t find the buses. I was approximately 13 miles away from where I needed to be for my exchange.

I hitchhiked. Yes, I did. I saw some high school runners who had apparently quit the race, and I asked for a ride. One of the girl’s dad was picking her up and kindly asked him if he could give me a ride to my exchange point. He was so nice!!!! He said yes, and spend the next 30 minutes driving me to where I needed to be. He said I was a fellow runner, so anything for a fellow runner. Nicest highland park lawyer dad I have ever met. Thank god!

I lost my bib. Yes, I lost my bib. Pretty sure I left it in the dad’s car. I borrowed my partner’s bib when we exchanged at the relay point.

I did not train for the race. So, I initially signed up so I would force myself to start training again. Didn’t happen. The first two miles were brutal, I could barely breathe. The next two miles were terrible, my hips were breaking down. The last two miles were excruciating, I could barely run. This is coming from a person who could easily run 6 miles before. Sigh beh…need to start training again. I work out every day but I need to run more so I can get my endurance up!!!

Conclusion? Never plan a race after a vacation, and don’t run a race without training for it!


6 responses to “Never Run a Race Without Training For It!

  1. Sounds like you had a tough time but with some things in life they require planning like you point out. It probably would have been better for your body. I’m sure you will be a bit sore for a few days but hopefully the pain will motivate you little by little to run again. I love running! Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. wow what a story! that’s so cool that dad picked you up though, and you made it despite how tough it is. How are you legs today dare I ask? lol! I usually have a hard time going down the stairs. Glad you had a nice time on your vacation!

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