December 2012 Goals

December is here, which means Christmas is around the corner 🙂 and I am on vacation in DC! I am actually writing this before my vacation, so I can’t spill anything yet. You must wait for the next post!!!

So what happened in November?

November Goals:

  1. Save $2500 PASS – Actually deposited more than $2500 in savings account. I got reimbursed for my fall tuition, got paid for my vacation I cashed out, and then the regular savings from what we didn’t spend. My savings account received a big jump. I still have to pay for my class in the Spring though :/
  2. Spend less than $3000. SORTA PASS -This is a more achievable goal. –Hmm…we are doing a little better with our spending. But we did shop on Black Friday so…you know what that means. I,also, went to visit my parents twice and had my grandparents visit. So expenses added up. 
  3. Pay $400 to car loan PASS – Debt payment is on track. Can’t wait to reveal how much we have paid so far, and have left at the end of the year. I, also, can’t wait to not have to pay $400 a month for a car. 
  4. Workout 4x a week SORTA PASS – I worked out regularly with the exception of turkey week, and when my grandparents visited. 
  5. Write 3 blogs a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) PASS!!! Yes, I love this new schedule 🙂
  6. Switch to self host in November, and design new banner FAIL – This will happen in December…

Keeping up with my financial and personal goals is always in continuous improvement! I have actually decided on a slightly different format for my 2013 goals. Just a quick peek a boo…I’m thinking of breaking down my goals into financial, personal, professional, educational, health & fitness, and blog. You will have to see!

I’m already thinking of ways I can save and make more money next year:

  1. Eating out less
  2. Decreasing our electricity and water bill. This past month our electricity bill was $58, huge improvement, and water bill was $37!
  3. Finish that dang defense driving course I paid $25 for, so I can get my 10% discount…ugh I’m such a procrastinator.
  4. Develop a nice side hustle that brings in cash. Babysitting didn’t work out for me. But I would like to get more into blogging. I already blog and read blogs every day, so how can I monetize it?

Here are my goals for December:

  1. Switch to self host
  2.  Save $2500
  3. Spend less than $3000 
  4. Pay $400 to car loan
  5. Workout 4x a week
  6. Write 3 blogs a week

Did you meet your goals in November? What are your goals for December?

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