My Worst Blunders At Work Happen Over Email

I have been working at my company since late June, which makes it about 4 months already! I can’t believe it!

I think my eyes trick me all the time because my worst blunders at work happen over email. I am writing this post after sending an email to some executives of one of our global suppliers. I wrote a simple two line message after meeting with them last week. Yet, in my email I wrote “last year.” It’s very embarrassing to get an email from an executive correcting my blunder. It makes me want to bury my head underneath a blanket and never come back to work. Despite the fact that I read my email three times before I sent it, I still didn’t see year!!! I, also, re read an email yesterday and realized I miss two words in a sentence. Did I read this email before sending it out? Yes, but my brain completely ignored it. I can’t wait until Word let’s me know when a sentence doesn’t make sense because of a missing word.

 What are some other blunders/mistakes I have made? Sending an NDA to a wrong company twice. Yes, I made this mistake twice. I have, also, made some data analytic mistakes. Minor but still, sometimes I hit myself in the foot. I have been double and triple checking my work, in order to stop myself from making these simple mistakes.

Any blunders you have made at work recently?

7 responses to “My Worst Blunders At Work Happen Over Email

  1. I get that when I have a typo in a graphic card in a video I’m working on. I kick myself when I miss seeing it. And just yesterday my fingers somehow fumbled the ball, and magically hit a shortcut key to publish a post I was only half done writing. I can delete the post, but it’s in people’s RSS feed forever that way! 😦 You just have to remember you’re human and laugh it off. Nobody’s perfect, including your boss!

  2. Ahh! When it’s a typo that’s still a word our brain tends to skip over it, so don’t be so hard on yourself! Maybe write something, then do something else for 5 minutes, THEN go back and reread. Taking the time in between might help. 🙂

  3. Sending an NDA twice is a minor goof. The worst are sending long-tailed emails, with private internal communications, out to an outside supplier. Now *that’s* something to be worried about!

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