$400 Bi Weekly In Medical Insurance

This week I elected my 2013 health benefits contributions.

Maybe I should have worked for a medical insurance company because it sure seems like they make lots of money off of me! I pay $400 bi weekly in medical insurance. That’s $10,400 approximately over 26 pay periods. This is for 2 adults ( my husband and I). Technically, I don’t pay for it our of my pocket. My company provides this benefit. So it’s a benefit on top of my salary. However, I still consider it part of my total compensation.

Sigh, I never knew how much medical insurance was exactly. Do I get sick that often?  Umm…not really, other than my kidneys. My kidneys don’t filter minerals correctly, and kidney stones form. It’s a hereditary disease. I had my first kidney stone when I was 6.

Up until I was 22 years old and started working (umm..about four months ago?), I did NOT have medical insurance. Any visits to the doctor would be paid out of pocket. Even more reason to stay healthy!

I still balk at the cost! Imagine, if we had to pay for it! $400 out of every paycheck. Sigh….another adult responsibility item!

How much do you pay in medical insurance? If you don’t pay for it, how much does your company?


12 responses to “$400 Bi Weekly In Medical Insurance

  1. Being self-employed, I can relate to the costs of medical insurance. We’re pretty thankful to be paying $525/month. That’s compared to $450/month I was paying at my former employer, so I am pretty happy to not be paying much more.

  2. I pay for my own health insurance being self-employed. I recently switched from anthem blue cross to cigna and went from 280 to 205. But I try not to go to the doctor because I feel like any lab work just ads up. Sometimes I feel like my coverage is pretty useless unless something catastrophic happens.

  3. I only have it because of the newish law that students are covered under their rents until age 26. I pay $80/month. The boyfriend has nothing. It’s bad when we have to go to the doc. $400/biweekly seems like a ton!

  4. We are all in the same boat it seems. I pay $400 per month and my employer pays $400 per month for our crappy $5k deductible insurance. It makes me sick thinking of all that money going out the window!

    • We have a $2k deductible, but as long as you go in network, you don’t have to pay any expenses. Which is very good.
      The amount is crazy though. Just in case we get sick we have to pay so much money!!! When did this happen? I think the only people benefiting are the insurance companies.

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