Finding My Way in My 20s: Age 22

**Readers this is NOT a whiny or complaining post. Just trying to share some thoughts from a 22 year old’s perspective. I know I have a long path ahead of me, but it’s good to stop and ponder sometimes.

I’m 22. Once again, I feel like a complete freshman in life.I’m trying not to freak out here! But everything feels so new, and I somehow don’t feel like I have the energy to deal with it. Let me explain.

I have always been an overachiever. Blame it on circumstances or just simply that I have always wanted something better, I do more than most, and usually bust my butt to get there. I graduated as the Valedictorian in high school, was a band geek, UIL geek, ran cross country and track, volunteered, danced for a folkloric group, and worked for a non-profit. In college, I crammed four years of school into three, finished my master’s and more in 1 year (two semesters), meanwhile maintaining internships, leadership positions, volunteering, working for a start up for pennies, and keeping up with networking. The hard work paid off, and I landed a great position in a good company with health insurance! 🙂

Now, let me go back to my original point. I suppose at this point of my life I should be trying to figure out how to climb the corporate ladder, and advance in my career. I actually started with this mentality three months ago. But the fact that I am looking at a 30 year period instead of only a 4 year period is well to put in simple terms, baffling me. All this time, I have been working with a checklist. Get this done and that and this, and advance to the next level. Now, I am not quite sure what the next level should be. I’m still figuring it out.

What’s even more funny, is that a part of me doesn’t want to figure out what’s next. I have a tendency to live in the future, and I want to start living more in the present. I simply don’t have  the energy or the drive this year to be an overachiever. Is that bad? I’m still going to achieve and work hard, but I don’t really want to do everything I should be doing like continuing to network this year.

In a world where there are so many who are constantly setting goals, I feel like a slacker. This goes against my nature, but it honestly feels really good. Then I remember a couple of things, both the freshman year of high school and college, my grades were the lowest, yet I had the most fun. Despite that, I still did pretty well in the end.

Maybe it isn’t so bad if I take this year to be 22. Do you remember when you were 22? Any good memories you care to share?

By the way, last week was pretty rough. I made a lot of mistakes at work and I felt terrible all week due to the post extraction pain. So glad, it’s a new week!

I’m, also, going to keep up with our financial goals. They are still on track, no worries. I don’t plan on going on crazy spending sprees.


10 responses to “Finding My Way in My 20s: Age 22

  1. As someone who was 22 a few years back – I would say don’t fixate on the 30 years in front of you. No matter how much you might want to follow a specific path, there is only a very small chance that will actually happen over the long haul. Instead – focus on what you want out of the next 2-3 years. What big audacious (but achievable!) goal do you have in that time period? House? A promotion at work? =)

    • I am finishing up my MBA in May. Even though a promotion would be great, I am not ready for the next level. Still learning so much. We have a lease until 2014, so no house purchase in the next year or so.
      Honestly, my goals in the next year mostly relate to my personal life. I want to learn more about investing, monetizing blog, get in better physical shape.
      At work, I want to keep up with work and make sure I keep making my boss happy with my work. With the economy so iffy, I’m scared of losing my job in the future.
      I need to start thinking of what I want to accomplish by the end of 3 years….I’ll be 25 in 3 years…oh dearrr lol
      Thanks for stopping by and giving me some of your awesome wisdom Mrs. Pop!

  2. Wow, you got two degrees in less time than my one bachelors degree! Looks like you’ve accomplished a lot (and you’re only 22 holy cow!). I’d say this is the time to enjoy life and work and maybe not live by checklist (which I totally did too) but just see what life throws at you. That’s definitely something I’ve been trying to do.

  3. It’s hard to break old habits I’m sure, but you do need time to enjoy the fruits of what you have accomplished. That may reenergize you again to push forward. Life is not just about working hard and advancing your career. You do have tot take time to smell the roses, as cliche as that is.

    • TL, yes I know!!! I’m trying. I’m doing better than usual, although I am not doing as well in school as I should be or want to be. There’s not enough time or energy to accomplish everything at once in this world 🙂

  4. When I was 22, I had just finished college and was starting university. Unfortunately, I think that I was burned out a bit from working and studying full time for three years and should have taken time off. Like you, I felt (and still feel!) that I am completely wiped out. I have no more fight in me to be that type-A, compete and win everything person. Hopefully after some time off you’ll get back into the swing of things 🙂

    • Vanessa you need to explain how the Canadian system works! What’s the difference between college and university. In the states, collie = university.
      Yes, I feel very much burned out. But it’s an extremely competitive workforce and I don’t want to get ousted out. :/

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