2012 Goals Progress: August

It seems like just yesterday, I was just writing my goals for August! I honestly can’t believe August is over. The Olympics are over, too!!! I miss the summer already!

Let’s see how well I did during August:

    • Spend no more than $2500 FAIL
    • Save $3000 ( We saved $2500! A little short of the $3000, but still pretty good. Trying to build up that EF)
    • Pay $500 to car loan (We only paid $400.)
    • Set up contribution to ESPP (Contribution set!)
    • Workout 4-5x a week ( Let’s just say I made it to the gym 3X a week. I fell a little short. But still…progress)
    • Write 3-5X blog posts a week I consistently wrote a minimum of 3x a week! 🙂
    • Make some side hustle $$$ I babysat a lot! 🙂
    • Sell 3 pairs of shoes on Ebay FAIL
    • Sell books on Amazon FAIL

I started classes again….I don’t want to go back to school! But I gotta finish this MBA. I’m honestly tired of studying MBA subjects. I wouldn’t mind learning about something else, but international business, economics, and information technology is all getting a little boring. I gotta hold out…4 more classes…I can make it….

I already feel the stress building up. I start thinking about everything I have to do, and I start freaking out! I gotta remember to take it one day at a time, make a plan, and cross out items from my to do list.

As much as we wanted to spend no more than $2500, it was actually a little more. I haven’t added it up, but we bought contacts and some other stuff. Plus, the tires for my car. I’m still extremely proud of us for being able to save $2500. It took a lot of hard work and determination. We are getting better with eating out too! I am brown bagging it to work M-F and so is the Mr.!

We, also, have to pay a toll tag bill from our vacation in SC. I forgot to pay it in early Aug. and now it’s more. $1.25 toll turned into $26 (so called administrative fee…really a paper and a stamp costs this much???) + $18 (that’s how much Enterprise charges us for transferring the toll violation).

Other than that, just trying to enjoy life. 🙂

How did you do on your August 2012 goals?

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