I’m Already Thinking About a New Master’s

I’m already thinking about a new master’s and I haven’t even finished my MBA! LOL Yup, you read it right. So, I have four more classes to go until I finish my MBA (May 2013). I am taking two classes this semester, and two classes next semester for those of you that didn’t know.

This week I had Negotiation and Conflict Resolution training at my work. I had taken a negotiation class before in my graduate program, so all the terms like BATNA or WATNA, I already knew the definition. Let’s just say knowing the theory and applying it are two different things! Of course, I knew this, but still…It was a 3 day class that really reminded me of my shortcomings in negotiation skills. I actually made the mistake/brilliant move to volunteer to do a negotiation for my group. Thankfully, my other counterpart was one of the youngin’ fresh MBA faces, not the seasoned negotiators (older coworkers). Let’s just say we got a C- and the instructor told us nicely that we crashed and burned. We were the example of what not to do for the rest of the class. Seriously, he used us every other minute as an example!

One of the instructors is the director of the dispute resolution program at a local university. I actually had already heard about this program already before and it had been in the back of my mind.

Negotiation and conflict resolution is something that has always peaked my interest. WHY? Because I want to be an awesome negotiator. My job, also, requires negotiation skills every day, and to some extent conflict resolution. I think taking a couple of classes to hone in my negotiation skills would be a huge benefit for which I would reap the rewards until my death! It would definitely help my career! 🙂

I’m actually considering starting out with the Certificate Program in Dispute Resolution after finishing my MBA, and if I find it beneficial (which knowing me, I will), transition into the M.A. in Dispute Resolution. Dispute resolution refers to methods used by trained neutrals to help people communicate more clearly, negotiate effectively, develop and evaluate solutions. My company will pay for it, so I would consider it extra value added compensation on top of my salary and benefits 🙂 Plus, the university has a professional center right around the street from my office where they would hold most of the classes (I need to figure out more details, but I believe this is true). I know this is a year away, but I’m going to ask the instructor to coffee and talk to him about my aspirations.

I do realize he is going to sell this program to me, after all it’s money towards the university. My current university does not have a similar program. I know the program is credible though. One of my close friend’s mom completed this program years ago, and is very happy with what she learned. The university is very reputable (more famous actually than the one I currently attend and am an alumni), so it would pretty cool to add it to my educational resume 🙂 I already printed the admission and course requirements! I’m a tad excited 🙂 Something to look forward to after my MBA.

P.S. Look for my posts relating to what I learned in training! Some of the info might help you refine your negotiation skills!

7 responses to “I’m Already Thinking About a New Master’s

  1. Interesting! Having just graduated, I am not interested AT ALL in school for at least the next couple of years, but I am going to be taking my designation and possible a conflict resolution certificate (I need it in my career to advance). Looking forward to more posts about it!

    • I would start with the certificate program like you but would then transition in the M.A. program. It’s only 7 more classes, and it’s all knowledge you can apply to all aspect of life. Well, it’s a plan anyways. I, also, want to do a field certification in my field, but in order to qualify, I think I need 3-5 years of experience. Hopefully, I’m not too burned out with school in a year. I’m really not looking forward to homework and tests starting next week.

    • Idk if law is for me. I don’t want to take the LSAT! But the MA in Dispute Resolution sounds super interesting.

      Although I don’t look forward to the work, it would be pretty cool to have 3 master’s!

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