LunchBox Conversations: Babies and Marriage Equal Tax Shelter

Hello again! Seems like I was late to publish my post today. This weekend was extremely exhausting. I ended up working on work Saturday night, babysitting Sunday, and working on work again on Sunday. Let’s just say I was so tired I passed out at 8 pm, and didn’t wake up until 7 am when my work alarm went off. Friday afternoon I went to an orthodontics consultation. I have always wanted to get braces – my parents couldn’t afford it when I was growing up- and now that I have insurance and a paying job, I finally can! The perks of being employed 🙂 I will have to write another post about the breakdown of the braces plan.

So, today it’s another installment to the LunchBox Conversations series!

I find that my coworkers always talk about the most serious things. I feel like a little kid listening to them talk – remember I am the youngest by at least 5 years-. During one of our lunch conversations, we started talking about taxes. Taxes…yuck right…the money we have to give up to the government to live in such a great country, but hate  to see it go.

One of my coworkers mentioned how her now husband jokingly mentioned at the beginning of their dating journey how his CPA advised him he should either get married or buy a house to stay in his current tax bracket. They ended up getting married and buying a house later, double tax deduction! Now they are having a baby – child credit -, and she went to school this year – education credit-. We joked how they were going to benefit greatly from marriage and babies….

Do you ever think about your spouse or kids as a tax shelter? Yes, there can be no money $$ assigned to a human being. I know my hubby is priceless, but it’s pretty interesting to think about the benefits of being married 🙂 Standard deduction is $11,900 for us! 🙂 Come on spill it! 🙂

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