Dirty Jobs Are Still Important

Dirty jobs. They are out there and more prevalent than most think. If you didn’t know, Discovery Channel has a program, which profiles the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable – yet VITAL – ways. I started watching this show with the kids I babysit. I didn’t even know it was out there. It’s such a great show! I think America has slowly but surely distanced itself from trade jobs. What is fancy or glitzy about a steel mill worker or an elevator maintenance man? These jobs don’t require a college education, but they are hard, grueling, and only a few can master.

These are jobs that have to happen in order for society to keep functioning. My job as an analyst would probably be useless if the world went under, but someone that knows how to build water towers on top of New York’s buildings or mold steel bars in a steel mill would most likely (for sure) be needed.

Dirty Jobs that I could think of:

  • Steel mill worker
  • Elevator Maintenance Man
  • Large Animal Vet
  • Septic Tank Cleaner
  • Skull Cleaner
  • Exterminator

I have worked some dirty jobs. I have cleaned houses during summers and Christmas breaks. Probably why I hate cleaning so much. My grandpa worked in a factory for 40 years. My dad has worked in a factory that produced insulation materials. As an electrician, he also has to cram in small attics to fix issues or work on construction sites.

What kind of dirty jobs have you worked? Any more dirty jobs you can think of?

13 responses to “Dirty Jobs Are Still Important

  1. I used to haul lumber in the summers which was interesting. Sawdust would get stuck on my skin and I would go home with a thousand little slivers. It was good to be active though.

  2. I used to work at a hardees one summer. Dirty, dirty, dirty job (if you can imagine) but ironically not the worst job I’ve ever had. Great post, girl!

    • Had to look up what Hardee’s was! Restaurant right? What did you do?
      Cleaning houses was only bad because everybody had pets. One of the reasons, I don’t want to have pets. I hate cleaning up after them. Sometimes the clients were entitled and snobby, that sucked the worst.

  3. I saw one documentary about a family-owned company who cleans corpse for donations—not sure if I’m describing their profession correctly…but it was crazy! They also made tons of money.

  4. Oh man, like every other day ! Haha! I do contract work that goes from welding to fixing people’s bathrooms, tearing down fences, fixing roofs, and anything in between. I”ve had a couple posts actually about having to clean up after toilet piping gets a leak that goes unnoticed until everything people have flushed for days explodes out of the ceiling. Not always glamorous, and I never like having to fix/weld toilet piping, but it pays the bills!

  5. I haven’t done any dirty jobs before thankfully. Maybe home construction and renovation work but that’s more of just manual labor. I just did a Google image search for “worst jobs in the world.” Found some pretty graphic images >_<

  6. Many people don’t think being a summer camp counsellor is that much of a dirty job, but it was my first dirty job. I came home all sweaty, smelling like grass, sticky from dirty/sticky kids trying to hold my hand and hug me. Kids can be so gross. 😛

    My current job is quite dirty and has a lot of shock value to it. People may find it even somewhat controversial, so I don’t really want to say exactly what I do. I’m sure its been featured on dirty jobs. But the work I do is mandatory and necessary for peoples’ safety. And I actually don’t mind it. You can always shower after work. lol

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