Looking for Vacation Ideas

Happy Tuesday everybody! Thanks for giving me advice yesterday about my parents’ issues. It’s nice to hear a third party’s wisdom, sometimes it just calms me down. Writing it down, also, helped get it off my chest. I had been carrying these feelings for the past three weeks. I don’t yet what I’m going to do. Relationships are a work in progress, and sometimes I have to let time pass. I am, however, going to explain to my parents that it is our life now. I don’t make decisions without my hubby’s thoughts, even if they think it’s weird.

I had an amazing weekend! Wevcelebrated our first anniversary and it was fabulous. I felt very cherished, and it was a good reminder of why we are so good together 🙂 We didn’t do anything too fancy. Usually going out brings stress, so we stayed at home, celebrated, and enjoyed the Olympics, True Blood, and Newsroom. I managed to squeeze some baby sitting on Sunday 🙂 #sidehustle

So, I mentioned before I have some vacation time this year. I have 8 days, 3 personal business days, and 2 personal floating holidays. I am going to sell back 5 days ( 1 week to my company) to fund our vacation. It leaves me with 3 days + 3 PB + 2 PFH = 8 days. I am probably going to take Friday off before Labor Day weekend. I haven’t decided yet. I have a doctor’s appointment that day back at home. I see a specialist (he has been my doctor for 16 years). I have been debating finding a specialist in my city. I love my doctor but he is too far away. I would like to have a doctor closer, so I don’t postpone questions about my medical condition. What do you think?

So I still have a lot of vacation days to use before end of the year. If I don’t use them, I will lose them. We want to visit somewhere warm and fun for vacation but it needs to be a budget savvy vacation. Date of vacation- December.

Our budget is between $1000-$1500 ( airfare,hotel, and expenses for two).

Any suggestions in the USA?

10 responses to “Looking for Vacation Ideas

  1. How many days do you plan on using?
    Places that I’ve been wanting to go include Lake Havasu, Yellowstone, Portland, New Orleans.
    Peurto Rico and Miami are nice as well, and usually you can find good deals.

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