Is the Economy Scaring You?

Who hasn’t worried about the economy? With the unemployment rate so high and consumer goods costing more and more, I feel like I cannot possibly be the only one. First of all, I know I am lucky to have landed a great job. It took a lot of hard work and meeting the right people. This is not me complaining. My hubby is still underemployed, currently looking for a job. But I know he will land one when the time is right. My family is okay. They could be better financially. Two of my best friends have dads that have lost their jobs in the past year. Do any of you have a parent that has recently become unemployed? How do you deal with it?

When I started college four years ago, all my professors told us we were lucky to have just started college, and by the time we graduated the economy should be booming again. Well…hello??? It hasn’t!

Reading the news seems to make my anxiety worse. I’m an avid reader of the WSJ, BBC, Market Watch, Bloomberg; a habit I picked up in college. All the headlines are always about companies missing expectations, no jobs, etc. No wonder sometimes people stop reading the news and turn to celebrity news. It’s a way to escape the gloom and doom! I’m totally guilty of this….I love looking at celebrities’ fashion.

I understand the economy is going through a cycle, and is sort of fixing itself. We can’t continue to amass consumer debt, the way we did throughout the last decade; although a lot of our growth came from buying things. After all, we are American! But how can we have 1 out of 7 Americans on food stamps? Is that being American?

Serendipity relayed one of her encounters in A Change In Perception.

I think many pf bloggers; although not rich, are not on food stamps. In the world, where we urge to save money for a down payment, pay down debt and mortgage, and make more money, I think we can get caught up. It’s all positive, of course! It’s one of the reasons I escape into pf world. I love the optimism and am truly happy when some one accomplishes their goals! But sometimes I find myself feeling scared. What if things don’t turn around? Are we going to fall into a Great Depression? Are we in one? I worry about my parents. I feel for my friends’ family and for those friends who are struggling financially.

Then again, if we really are in a Great Depression how could 40,000 people afford tickets to the Texas Rangers vs. Angels game last night?

Picture taken from my Samsung Galaxy SII. This doesn’t even show the amount people spent on concessions or parking.


To me the seems depression invisible. Only truly affecting some people, and not so much others. What do you think?

All I can do is to continue hoping, saving, and working hard. Macro economics is out of my control, but I at least can help the economy by not driving myself into more debt. I just hope things start getting better for everyone.


12 responses to “Is the Economy Scaring You?

  1. It’s hard to guage, ya know? Some people have great jobs, others don’t. Some people are swimming in debt, others are able to pay theirs down. It’s all relative. I do think we are in a hard economic time-everyone should be able to make a decent living.

    • It is very hard to gauge. Everyone is suffering, it just depends how much?
      I see some people complain about paying the bills, and they are living in a 4,000 sq. foot house, and continue buying stuff for the house.
      Then, I see people lined up at food banks with brand new cars.
      Then, I see people who seem to be really in need. There’s just not enough money.

  2. HAHAHA I know the feeling- when I was getting ready for grad school in 2010 (about to graduate undergrad) my professors all lauded me for taking an additional two years to get a higher degree that would help me be more competitive and help me wait out a bad economy, well WRONG and WRONG.

    I still feel really lucky- I currently take clients on for social media consulting freelance to pay the bills and am relocating to an area I can afford, but still… I’ve had some really disappointing job interviews and it gets really frustrating!

    • Yup! It’s pretty bad out there. I’m very grateful for my job and I’m doing my best. If I didn’t work, we couldn’t even afford living or breathing for that matter. I hope my hubby lands a job soon so we can have some wiggle room.
      Good luck on interviews!!!

  3. It is really hard-when I first graduated, I had some friends with “real” jobs right off the bat. It took me 4 years to find something “real” and I really love my job now. I do try to network and do the best that I can and of course, save for an efund now.

  4. Sometimes the idea that things may not get better for a while, interest rate won’t go up, but inflation keeps rising, does scare me. But that’s why I do love the PF community, everyone’s here together, motivating each other, and there truly is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. I actually love reading PF bloggers because of all the great creative ideas they come up with to make money! the PF blogosphere wouldn’t be that interesting, bright and creative, if all of those people were doing ok financially. Plus I love how everyone supports each other – that’s where true friendships are born!

  6. I try not to worry about the big picture. I’ll leave that up to the news to do the worrying for me. All I can focus on is what I do. My dad is the opposite. Every time I talk to him he is like dark man, reminding me how tough it is and how he worries about me all the time (my dad is a retired dentist). I try to tell him to please stop because that doesn’t help me. It’s in the back of my mind, but I already worry too much to think in these big terms.

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