New Kid On the Block

Apparently, when I Google “new kid on the block,” all that comes up are pictures of men?

I feel like a new kid on the block. My head hurts from trying to figure out who does what, who is in charge of what, and who I can or cannot talk to. Well, it’s not that extreme, but you get my point. I remember starting college four years ago, and despite the fact that I did very well at the end, I was completely lost for the first two years. So that’s what I’m facing right now. ::O Yup that’s two pairs of eyes, I am wearing my glasses most of the day šŸ™‚

At the end of this week, I will complete my sixth week and receive my third paycheck at my company. Hopefully, my retirement contributions will have started, but that’s nothing in my control. I feel like I am at a beach, the waves coming in and out. Sometimes work is very boring and slow, and other times it’s not so boring and slow. My head hurts from trying to learn the ropes and staring at too many numbers. I have about ten spreadsheets open; all related to different projects. Sometimes I can’t complete a project because I don’t have access to all the systems. Still working on that.

This feeling is not new. I have always felt it when I tackled a new project at school, or enrolled in a class outside of my comfort zone. But somehow I feel like the feelings I am experiencing now are more important than ever. Perhaps, because this is my first big job post school?

I’m sorry this post seems all over the place, honestly it’s not. My feelings are probably all over the place ;p.

What’s it like to start a new job?


10 responses to “New Kid On the Block

  1. I think we all have that feeling when we first start a new job. I know i do. I was so frustrated with my lack of knowledge a couple of months ago that I felt like I was the problem. But I ended up learning and you will too. It comes with time.

  2. I always hated starting a new job–or a new school. I know that it’s all in my mind but I always felt so overwhelmed and judged. I’ve been at this company for a year and in this postion for 7 months and I still find new things out daily. I’m sure it will get better soon though!

    • I really hope so šŸ™‚ I’m glad that have amazing co-workers who are patient and understand I am learning. I have worked before with people I didn’t like or didn’t like me, and it was not the greatest of experiences.

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