Reflections on Moving

I can’t believe it’s Monday again! Time is flying by really quickly. We are already a third of the way through July! I hope everybody had a great weekend. I spent my weekend moving. On Friday, we got the keys to our new apartment, I moved all our clothes to the closet, and Saturday morning we rented a U-Haul to move all our stuff. Thankfully, my SIL’s boyfriend and a friend helped us move. We had an entire production line. We would load boxes in my MIL’s SUV, drive up to the apartment (parking garage), and move heavier things on the elevator. I spent the rest of Saturday unpacking and arranging the apartment. So now, it’s perfect! We love our apartment and the return of our very own personal space. I feel as if a 100 pound weight was lifted off my shoulders.

When googling for images, I found this crazy cool album cover. Really redefines the word “Reflections.” Reflections is Jerry Garcia‘s third solo album, released in 1976. It includes five songs that were performed by the Grateful Dead. All of the then-members of the Grateful Dead contribute to the music on this album.”

Here are some thoughts on……..

Living with family: The idea in theory to save a little money while transitioning to a new phase of life sounded great. The idea in real life….meh not so great. Living with family is stressful. I think relationships with family are better when money nor space are shared. Honestly, I am not sure if we saved that much money, since we ate out a lot more. Comments or actions that are usually forgotten in normal life, easily resurrect when living with family. I am hoping familial relationships improve since we are out of their house. I saw a House Hunters episode where a mother & father were looking for a house with their son & daughter-in-law, as in planning to live together! The mother & father seemed super healthy and young?!?!

Moving expenses: Be prepared to have some extra cash for those pesky expenses. The u-haul expense was around $200. $100 to move from old apartment to storage, $200 to move from storage to new apartment. When moving into a new place, you will want/need new things. For example, I needed cleaning supplies, trash bags, food, etc (Cost: $150). We also need a washer/dryer, which will be a new expense. Thankfully, my parents found our washer/dryer at a garage sale, and we are going to pay them the gas/transportation expense to bring it up to us (Cost: $250). 

Signing the lease: We signed a 18 month lease, the longest lease available. We decided that we did not want to move again for a while. Plus, unless my job changes, we won’t need to move. We, also, locked in our monthly rent. We received a discount on our rent because they needed the apartment to be filled asap. We are paying $876 instead of $925.

Choosing location over cheaper rent: We rented an apartment near my office and restaurants/shops. Last night we went for a walk and experience the city life! We walked out into the hustle and guzzle of restaurants, bars, shops. It definitely lifted my mood, and I am so excited to be living in this area.  It was the right move for us, and I am extremely happy.

Relaxing over working: I had the option to go baby sitting last night. I would have earned close to $50 for taking care of kids, which I don’t find hard at all. I like them, they like me. But I chose to stay in and relax with my hubby. Sometimes it’s a tough choice, but I am glad I made it last night. I have to remember to enjoy life every once in a while. It’s really hard to relax when you have so many goals you want to accomplish.

I hope I can give you some insight into what life is like for a post graduate student. Everyone has different experiences, and it’s great to learn from everybody.



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