College Lesson II: Join An Organization

I hope everyone is having a great week!As part of my college lesson series, I wanted to talk about joining an organization during your college years. By being in organizations, I was able to grow and develop myself beyond my peers’ abilities. You are probably wondering why would I join an organization? I am already going to school, maybe working, and overall, trying to manage my first adult experience. Joining an organization has many benefits. Here is how you can benefit:

  • Develop relationships with your peers
  • Gain professional skills
  • Make friends
  • Advantage when applying for scholarships
  • Potential to take on leadership roles
  • Stand out in employment and graduate applications
  • Great addition to your resume
Here are some organizations you could join in college:
  • Student government
  • Residential Council
  • Honors Program
  • Toastmasters
  • Sorority/Fraternity
  • Professional Organization
  • Religious Organization
  • Volunteer organization
I was part of Toastmasters which helped me improve my public speaking skills. Many people often comment on my great public speaking skills especially for my age. I was also in an Honors program which allowed me to take small classes and to develop great relationships with my professors. My professors helped me by advising me throughout college and graduate school. If I had a question on anything, I could easily reach out to them, and ask for their advice. I, also, volunteered all the time. I made friends, gained professional skills, got scholarships, and stood out in the employment search. Employers love to see a high GPA with volunteer and work experience.
Where you in organization in college? What was your experience?

Quick Update:  It’s been pretty slow on my end. I am currently going through the background check of my job, and will start working at the earliest on June 25th. So I have decided to concentrate on this blog! I hope to be posting regularly, and to have more organized content. Hopefully, I will have new changes this summer! I, also, want to concentrate on getting some side income. Maybe I can baby sit or tutor? Any tips? As far as our personal expenses go, I need to start working on our budget; a task, I unfortunately, find unpleasant. It always breaks my heart to see how much we actually spend on eating out.


4 responses to “College Lesson II: Join An Organization

  1. I wasn’t involved in a lot of school organizations. I worked full-time and that pretty much made it impossible. I wish I participated more though!

    • It would have been impossible for your to be in a student organization while working full time. I hope you can join one when you are done with school. There are professional orgs for financial people!

    • Toastmasters is a great organization! I loved it. It helped improve my public speaking skills. I highly recommend it. Plus, there are clubs all over! You could even start one in your company.

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