Flying Spirit, the Most Profitable Airline in the US

The plane during take off

The seats inside the plane

We were very lucky to land some awesome tickets to Myrtle Beach for $311 round trip for both of us. During our vacation, an article on the WSJ came out describing how Spirit has become the most profitable airlines while other airlines are hemorrhaging money. Check it out: A Stingy Spirit Lift’s Airline’s Profit. I decided to write a short commentary on my experience with Sprit. This is not a sponsored post.

How is Spirit so profitable? Well it charges for your seat and everything else is extra! Want to choose your seat online, it’s extra. Or you could wait, check in online, and choose your seat at the kiosk in the airport for no fee! Which is what we did by the way.

If you want water, you get charged. What about chips or peanuts? Another charge. You want to fly a carry on bag? Another charge. Everything is a la carte. I brought snacks in my purse to eat during the flight. On the flight back, I also packed water and more snacks.

Now while it would be nice to fly in a super comfortable seat, our flight was only 3 hours, so the savings was worth not having a great experience. The flight attendants were nice and left you alone for the most part.

I had a really good experience especially for only $155 roundtrip. I would definitely fly Spirit again 🙂

What do you think? Have you ever flown Spirit? What was your experience?


6 responses to “Flying Spirit, the Most Profitable Airline in the US

  1. I don’t have any experience with them since the don’t fly from my airport. Sounds like they are one of the few budget airlines left.

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