Last Day of the Semester

I started college in August 2008. I remember being so excited and nervous. Freedom awaited me, a new experience! Here I am four years later, I finished my graduate degree and it all seems a little surreal! So much, has happened in the past four years. I have changed so much, my expectations, my dreams. In the last year, I got married, completed my graduate degree, and have been navigating through life’s ups and downs. I don’t have it quite right yet. Honestly, I don’t think I ever will. But if feels really good to be done.

I’m off to the beach in Hilton Head, SC!



11 responses to “Last Day of the Semester

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy (^_^) Congrats on your marriage and degrees. Now take a step back, look at your life, decide what’s important to you, and make new goals and ambitions to pursue. The next 4 years will go by even faster than the last. Make it count. No pressure. Have fun at the beach.

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