12 responses to “Unexpected Scholarship Windfall

    • It’s so tempting. But my husband says they are really expensive to maintain compared to a Hyundai Civic….arghhh but i want one…lol
      Yes, I am really happy about the 10K. Technically our savings won’t go down.

  1. I can’t remember if you had saved up for a car already. Did you look at other options? I know most new cars are probably around $16k for brand new (cheapest?) If you can pay for a used car in cash that would be perfect. Are there other options that can get you less mileage? To me 88k seems like a lot and I would want to know what maintenance went into it. Although I really don’t know much about buying cars!

    That’s awesome about your scholarship money! I am waiting to hear back from the school I want to attend to see if I can squeeze out ANY scholarship money. Seriously if they can help me by giving me $5k a year, I’d be delighted.

  2. Yayyy for scholarships! That’s wonderful. I love that car – it’s a good deal, but I hear mini coopers are really expensive for repairing etc.

    • I loved that email Monday morning! At first I thought it was too good to be true. Yes, I don’t think I’ll get one. They are too expensive to maintain…but if I had unlimited money I would get one! 🙂

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