Stay Open to Options

It has been a pretty crazy week! I worked on so many projects and papers this weekend, my head was literally ready to explode, and I was ready to punch a wall. For a couple days there, I thought I was broken. I felt very depressed and unmotivated, and thought great this is me…I don’t want to be me! Well, thankfully I saw my friends and went for a run. I am back to my energetic self! I am hoping this motivated me stays along for the ride this week. This is the last stretch of the semester! I can do it and so can you!!! For those who are out of school, do you remember your last week?

I realized that for the past year, I have been limiting myself in terms of opportunities. Granted I have worked really hard, picked up great leadership opportunities, and really built an impressive set of skills, but I have been focusing on this definite path for a career. I crafted this ideal career path, and set particular goals. I have said no to a couple of opportunities because it didn’t fit what I wanted to do.

So now, I am reminding myself that I have to keep my mind open to any opportunities that might pop up and surprise me. I have to remember that life is full of surprises and opportunities. I think I am ready to say “Bring it on world!”

Have you found yourself limiting yourself by not considering certain opportunities?


P.S. Back to work for me. I have to finish all my schoolwork by Friday…so close! I also have to rent a car.

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