Going Back to School in the Fall

So, I decided that I am going back to school in the fall. I only have 3 courses to finish my MBA, so I might as well get it over and done with, right? I have applied for a couple scholarships and will hear back in the summer. Although I am really hoping to get a scholarship, I am not betting on it. I’m sure there are more qualified candidates than me with better essays. I already have a $1,000 scholarship for the next four semesters, as long as I take 5 graduate hours. I should have applied for a couple more scholarships, but I’m no wonder woman, I can only do so much. Please don’t hate :/

I already registered for one class: Flexible Manufacturing Strategy. It’s from Tuesdays from 4 to 7 pm. I heard it is a really interesting class. Hard, but cool! I am a little excited about it (that’s the school nerd speaking there). I know, I know…I have been saying I am burned out with school. And I am…but hopefully a couple months off from school will change that. In case you are wondering what the course entails:

The use of automation in manufacturing is continuously increasing. This course covers the variety of types of flexible automation, including flexible manufacturing systems, integrated circuit fabrication and assembly, and robotics. Examples of international systems are discussed to show the wide variety of systems designs and problems. Strategic as well as economic justification issues are covered.

I have also been advised by some of my older friends to take Demand and Revenue Management. Description below. But I had the professor for Supply Chain Management, and he sucked. The class was extremely hard and he was not very good at explaining anything. They say the Demand and Revenue class is his baby, he loves it, and it’s very informational. My professor did the bag pricing algorithm for airlines.

 This course focuses on the expense involved in managing conventional and idiosyncratic demand through the supply process. Demand for a single unit or an assembly (network) of units requires forecasting that incorporates prices and macroeconomic factors. Perishable supplies are optimally priced by considering their amount (inflated in overbooking), location, vintage, and customer classes. This approach is relevant for airlines, hotels, parks, rental cars, broadcasters, art/sport events, and retailers.

Which means this summer I have to save $5,000 to pay for tuition. Yikes!!! Can you believe the cost of tuition….sigh it’s a little depressing. Guess I’ll be waitressing and doing odd jobs to fund my tuition account, on top of looking for an internship/full time job. Knowing that I want to return to school in the fall is helping my anxiety a little bit. Remember, I am a planner.

I’m not going to lie, this week has been tough. I know that the semester is almost over, but this last stretch is extremely painful especially since I have no motivation to do my work.I just can’t wait to go to South Carolina!!! First actual vacation in 3 years! Trying to stay positive readers.

How about you? Any decisions you have made recently you want to share? Anyone going to school in the fall or are in school now?


P.S. 10 More Days Left After Today

3 responses to “Going Back to School in the Fall

  1. Ahhh!!! We’ll be going back to school together, except I had a long break of 2 years 😛 I’m very excited, anxious and nervous. Hopefully we can help each other out when the anxiety level increases haha!

    The classes sound fun, makes me miss undergrad when I was taking business courses for my B.S. I was thinking of doing an MBA since it’s only 1 extra year with the law degree. What do you think? Of course it’s expensive though. The school I’m going to has a ranked business school, does that matter at all? I’m totally clueless about how much value an MBA adds if I am already getting a J.D. Advice?!

    • Of course, an MBA will enhance your degree but I think you should talk to lawyers who have more experience in this once you get to school. Determine whether it will be worth it.
      Make sure to join professional organizations, too.

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