Pushing Forward

I heard back from two companies about jobs the past week. I did not get a job offer from one, although I was very close. I was basically told to come back after two years of work experience. Lesson learned: I need to be more confident about my abilities and express my critical thinking skills in a better manner. It was a great company, but the job was going to be very demanding. Travel 80% and hours during the week and weekend. Part of me feels disappointed that I didn’t make the final cut. Another part of me feels glad that I didn’t get it because of the intensity of the job. After four years fast tracking through my bachelor’s and graduate degree, I want to relax a bit, enjoy time with friends, workout, read books. You are only 22 once in your life right? Unfortunately, I am not sure if this attitude goes hand in hand with having a competitive career?

I got a job from the second company, but was extremely surprised to have them offer a whopping 14K less and less benefits than what I was offered last year with just my undergrad. Not to mention I am bilingual. I have to call them to turn them down tomorrow. Here’s a lesson that I learned from that interview: Always ask salary range before the interview. I spent too many hours pursuing a job with a low salary. I think this is going to come bite me later on.

So, now I am back to square one. I really need to concentrate of finishing this semester. Ten more days- two more exams, two more papers, two more presentations. Then, I can go on vacation, reenergize and get back on the job search horse.

I talked to my husband about our plans for the summer. Basically, we figured out that since I don’t have a job yet we are going to have to move in with his parents temporarily this summer. We will also have to postpone my car purchase.

11 More days Left. I think I can do it.


9 responses to “Pushing Forward

  1. That sucks about the job. I also list my salary range in my cover letter to avoid this but it doesn’t always work. Taking some time to relax and recharge is a good idea. I remember being 22 and the times goes by so fast, enjoy it!

  2. The fact that I talked to my husband about moving in with his parents during the summer, and the fact he said that it was okay made me feel better. We haven’t talked to my in laws yet, but we will probably sit down with them and explain the situation. They know I have been interviewing, and just haven’t landed anything significant. I’m going to be part of the boomerang generation…Weird?

  3. Good luck on your semester and I’m sure you’ll do great. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead, whether that be delaying a car purchase or moving back in with the rents.

  4. Ahh dont fret it. There are plenty of jobs out there. Keep your head up and good things will happen. I remember it took me my whole summer to find a job after I graduated college.

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