Five Lessons About Women in Business

I am a little late to posting my daily blog today because I fell asleep super early last night. I usually write the post at night around midnight, but last night I passed out at 11 pm. I don’t even remember passing out, that is how tired I was. I feel a little bit more energetic today!

I found this great article in the WSJ titled “Five Lessons About Women in Business.”

Lesson 1: Difference Matters – I have learned that trying to be like a man does not work. Men do not respect you. Instead, I concentrate on what makes me, as a female, different. First, I bring intuition to the table. Many males fail to see the subliminal messages people send across the conference tables. I am actually pretty good at catching these things :). I love studying people!

Lesson Dos- Identify what should change and What Should Stay the Same- This applies to both company and personal branding. A company cannot remain the same if it wants to succeed in the marketplace, right? Which means you cannot remain the same. Learn and grow every day. Have a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. I am not the person I was four years ago when I started my university studies. How have you changed in the past four years?

Lesson Trois- Creativity is Always the Answer- Think outside the box! The article mainly talks about women in advertising, but this applies to any problem you are trying to solve. think about how you can add value to a service or product. One of my challenges when working with people is that they constrain themselves when solving solutions. They say “I can’t do this because I don’t have enough data.” Umm….did the Romans need data to invade England??? Now, they failed in establishing their rein there, but they did not sit around the campfire pondering about how much data they needed to support their actions. This is a little extreme, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Lesson Four – Feedback Breeds Success- I completely agree with this! I am a fan of constructive criticism and enjoy getting feedback.

Lesson Five- Emotional Intelligence – Empathy, compassion, and responsibility are very important attributes! Women have learned to celebrate these hard to quantify attributes :). People skills are very important. I am in a field that can be very quantitative. Most of my classmates are awesome at building models. Although I am good at it, I know that my strongest asset is the blend of my qualitative skills with my quantitative skills. I can work with people, while they find it difficult to work with people.

This doesn’t just apply to women, it applies to men, as well.

What do you think?




7 responses to “Five Lessons About Women in Business

  1. I still think some people have trouble adjusting to having women in high positions in a company. Funny thing is at the Fortune 500 I work for, we have lots of women in top positions for the Western Division. I respect them all so much! I have learned that they are all very tough but persistent, and they remain calm. I think they are great at their jobs and keeping people (especially those men with attitude) in check LOL. I want to write a post about it!

  2. It is a shame there aren’t more women up high in organizations because women surely have the intuition that men don’t and that can lead to great things in an organization.

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