How to Save on College Medical Bills

As a college student, my budget is pretty tight. Unless it’s extremely urgent and I am about to die, I basically avoid doctors. Healthcare is super expensive! I already pay about $110 on medicine every month I need. I have my yearly checkup with my doctor back home :). However, there are times when I cannot avoid a doctor. There are a couple of ways I saved on my medical bills in college.

First, take advantage of your school clinics! I really love my on campus clinic. When I had tonsillitis freshman year, I went to my on campus clinic, the doctor diagnosed me and gave me medicine.

Second, if you are stressed or going through some hard stuff, make an appointment with your on campus counseling center. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone listen to you. I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit, but I actually went to the counseling center freshman year. I was having some anxiety issues and reached out for help.

Third, if you need any dental work, check out your local dental school. I had to get my wisdom teeth removed, and it was going to be very expensive. Instead of paying $2,000, I paid $500 to get them removed. It took a bit longer to do, but the students and doctors were awesome! I would go there again to have dental work.

Fourth, working out keeps your body healthy and strong. Your immune system is stronger so you are less likely to get sick. Take some group fitness classes at your school gym, or join intramural teams, or sport clubs! They are a lot of fun and you can make friends quickly. I was in my Honors program intramural flag football and volleyball team freshman year. We sucked, but it was fun!!! I actually regret not continuing to do this after freshman year.

Hope this helps you save on some medical bills!

Three more weeks until I turn in my last assignment. It’s going to be tough. I am already stressed out! I, also, heard from one of the jobs I was interested in landing. I did not make the 2nd round. Probably because of my lack of work experience, bah. Oh well, have to stay optimistic! Crossing my fingers. Please send good vibes 🙂

What do you think? How much do you pay in medical bills? Do you have any more tips?


P.S. 21 Days to Go!!!!

2 responses to “How to Save on College Medical Bills

  1. Great tips and this is really useful for students. I went to the onsite doctor at my college only once, and I really wish I had went more often when I was fighting the flu or cold. I always got sick. Also I can’t stress enough how working out prevents a lot of sickness! I love that aspect of it.

    LOL at this – Unless it’s extremely urgent and I am about to die, I basically avoid doctors. I live by that motto right now, but I should really use my 1 free exam each year or else I’m paying for insurance for no reason.

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