Designing your Financial Dossier

So, I know I am 21, and have no intention of leaving earth yet, but no matter how young you are it’s important to keep files of your records. Wall Street Journal published a list of things you need for your financial dossier. I know I have a tub of records with all our paperwork. That baby is in the closet right by the door. If anything happens I can grab the tub and my laptop in a hurry. Ugh..I need to design an exit strategy for my shoes, at least my favorite ones….wait a minute my clothes too. Now that I think about it, when I get rich I am going to have a fire proof closet!!!

  1. Marriage license and/or divorce papers
  2. Life Insurance policies
  3. Personal and family medical history
  4. Durable Health Care Power of Attorney
  5. Authorization to Release Health Care Power of Attorney
  6. Living Will
  7. Do Not Resuscitate Order
  8. Housing, land, and cemetery deeds
  9. Escrow Mortgage Accounts
  10. Proof of Loans made and debts owed
  11. Vehicle Titles
  12. Stock Certificates, savings bonds, and brokerage accounts
  13. Partnership and corporate operating agreements
  14. Tax Returns
  15. Individual Retirement Accounts
  16. 401(k) accounts
  17. Pension documents
  18. Annuity Contracts
  19. List of Bank Accounts
  20. List of all usernames and passwords
  21. List of safety deposit boxes
  22. Will
  23. Letter of Instruction
  24. Trust Documents

I think this gets really important when you have kids, mortgage, cars, etc. I am not at the point at the stage to have everything on this list, but I will definitely keep in mind when tracking all my documents.

Out of this list, I have #1 and #14. What about you???


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