Gianni Bini Shoe Relapse


There is a reason I avoid malls. I am a shopaholic! I love shoes, dresses, jewelry, anything pretty that calls my attention. My wardrobe is pretty crazy. I am only 21 and have accumulated so many business clothes preparing for the day I start working in the real world. I have suits, skirts, slacks, blouses, dresses, shoes. May I say more?

Due to my school schedule and the fact that I don’t have a car, I usually have no transportation to get to the mall. But today class was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms, and my hubby picked me up. His gym is right across a mall, so I kept him company on the way there!

I bought some Adidas shorts because the ones that I currently have are pretty holy. I have had my shorts since eight grade, so I’m pretty sure I got my return on investment! Look at the shorts I bought:

They are super nice! They are my incentive to keep losing weight!

I failed at saving money today. The shorts were $40, the pumps $64, and the wedges $64. I think I am going to return the pumps though. I am not convinced by them. With shoes I either love them or not. The pumps are also suede…which can be a bad thing, especially in Texas. I still have to decide. Any input?

April is already a big spend month…we had to pay for car maintenance (post to come soon), and need to buy graduation stuff. My robe for graduation will be about $100, and my hubby’s $50. I really need to watch our spending more.

So, please don’t do as I do, do as I say! LOL Don’t buy shoes! Don’t go to the mall!!! It’s a death trap for your bank account!

Any purchases that where not must haves?



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