The Woes of Senioritis

So, I know I am not a senior, but technically I am. Let me explain. Since, I finished my Bachelor’s in 3 years, and did my Master’s in 1 year, this is my fourth year, and I am battling a case of senioritis! I feel extremely burned out. I don’t want to work on schoolwork, and I am actually choosing to write my blog posts, instead of writing my papers. Bad, I know! Especially, since one of my goals is to finish with great grades. All I keep thinking about is relaxing by the beach. So jealous of Michelle @MakingSenseofCents since she is off at Kaui! All in good jest of course Michelle.

I cannot believe it’s the end of March already. Time is flying! Yikes!

So, here’s my to do list for tomorrow:

  • Report on Project Progress for Information Cloud HealthCare Project
  • Research for Information Cloud Healthcare Project
  • Work on assignment for Info Enabled Supply Chain class
  • Scholarship Application
  • File Parents Taxes
  • Post on discussion board for power and politics class
  • Write paper for power and politics class
  • Work on Power and politics project
  • Work on hubby’s resume

My weekend is not going to be much fun. I should have started on these things earlier in the week, but procrastination definitely got the best of me.

I am going to start working on some of these tonight. Who knows maybe I might get something accomplished before heading to sleep!

What are you up to this weekend? Something fun hopefully? Please share 🙂


2 responses to “The Woes of Senioritis

  1. Fortunately, I was able to finish almost all of the items. I still have to work on my hubby’s resume. But getting him to sit down and work on it, is like trying to move a mountain. LOL Thanks for stopping by! Hope we stay connected. 🙂

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