2011 Taxes

We just filed our taxes for 2011. It was the first time filing taxes as a married couple and not as dependents. I hope everything goes through okay, since last year my parents claimed me as a dependent and my husband’s parents claimed him as a dependent. We used TurboTax Deluxe, and it was so easy to use. I love how they go through every possible deduction! It’s wonderful. We paid $32 for the e-file. Once the IRS clears it, we should get a pretty hefty return, $2400. This is awesome since we are students, and every dollar counts! We will probably use part of the money to get my hubby an X-BOX in June. The rest will go straight to savings. On another note, I still have to work on my parents’ tax returns.

Some things I need to remember for next year.

–       Keep track of charitable contributions receipts

–       Keep track of all medical receipts

Next year our taxes will be a little more complicated, so I am thankful it was easy this year.

How did you file your tax return? Did you owe taxes or receive a return?

P.S. UPDATE- I filed the tax return after midnight, and was approved by the morning! That was easy and painless! I’m relieved!



2 responses to “2011 Taxes

  1. I filed back in January, and I received my refund in early February–it was so easy! I received a refund but only thanks to paying property taxes and mortgage interest. Otherwise, I would have owed a bit.

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