Roller Coasters and Sudden Mortality

When I was kid, I would dream of being able to go to a theme park and ride the roller coasters. I would imagine the cart wheeling up the hill slowly, edging close to the point of no return. When the metal cart would finally reach the top, I would gasp and hold in my breadth. The city and the sky would mix together, and I would feel butterflies in my stomach. Then the cart would free fall, I would laugh and scream.

I went to Six Flags a couple days ago to celebrate my little brother’s birthday.Now, usually, I would be super excited because of the great weather: cloudy and windy. But this year, I felt a little different. I was a little nervous, not excited. The thought of being 24 stories high on a little metal cart suddenly did not seem too appealing. The long lines and crowds did not help either. And then I realized I am losing my sense of immortality. The sense of invincibility you have as a kid that makes you think you can be a superhero or a spy! The realization caught me by surprise, made me chuckle at the sight of all the little kids running around like crazy. Guess I’m growing up after all.

This doesn’t change much. I want to go zip lining in Costa Rica a little less, but not enough to not want to go. I think that makes sense. Last year when I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I was super excited. Probably because I still had another year of graduate school. This year as my graduation comes to a close I realize I am transitioning into another phase of my life. It’s exciting. I understand my career will allow me to do so many things I have been wanting to do for years: travel for one. I am going to Hilton Head in May as part of our graduation celebration and I cannot wait! So many of my young peers who have entered the workforce say it sucks. Corporate America is competitive, tough, and mean. Its scared me a little for sure, but I have done well so far. I have to remain confident and persevere. The Spring Career Fair is next week, and I am going to have to hustle to get some interviews J Gotta turn on my charming personality and take the plunge!

I still love roller coasters! The adrenaline rush is quite like no other.

So, who still likes riding roller coasters???

P.S. It’s already the second week of blog posting, and I’m stumped! I have so much I want to write about, but I don’t know which subject to tackle first. Hopefully, I will be bringing some cool posts to you readers! 



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