New iPad Debuting Today

Every morning I wake up, and open up my Wall Street Journal page. Today’s headline: Apple’s Ipad Event!

I am in love with apple products. After four years of saving up to buy a new laptop, I was finally able to convert to a Macbook Air last month. My hubby says I spend more time with my Mac than I do with him now. This coming from a guy who is constantly on his Iphone! I know that most Apple products are a splurge for people. But if you want to upgrade to an Ipad, the rumor is Apple will be cutting prices for the Ipad 2 by $100. That means they will cost $399 plus tax.

I am really tempted to sell the Kindle I bought my brother in December and upgrade him to the Ipad2.

Oh by the way, I bought my Macbook Air for $1000. I got it on sale at Microcenter. I love sales!

Are you an Apple fan? What products have you splurged on recently?

PS. So, I know this is a personal finance blog, but I don’t just want to talk about how to save money. I am going to be touching up on the business environment, consumer behavior, etc. I have not come up with a full list yet.

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